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Webster’s Dictionary defines “Restoration” as: to bring back to or put back into the former or original state.

When we talk of restoring something or restoration, our minds think of someone who has been injured in an accident.  We might think of restoring someone’s health.  The process of rehabilitation is often painful.  For instance, learning to use your legs again – it sometimes takes great effort and time.  Guys would think of something like restoring their old car sitting in the garage by tearing down the engine and putting new parts on it after taking off the old.  Someone might think of restoring an antique piece of furniture, scraping off the old paint, sanding it down, staining it, then tightening all of the screws and bolts.

A car, our health or furniture restored is generally the same idea of how our Lord restores us.  Somehow, someway we’ve gotten messed up, broken or just spiritually out of tune with our Lord.  So, He takes us, puts us up on the table and begins to scrape off the old layer.  He might have to teach us how to use muscles we haven’t used in a while.  Quite possibly, He just has to tear down our whole being, like an engine, to rebuild us again.  But our Lord wants His children in tip-top shape, spiritually ready for use, having a gorgeous shiny testimony that makes people stop and take notice.  There’s no doubt, the process of restoration is painful. 

Psalms 23:3 says “He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.” 

God bless, 

Pastor Scott

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