Rescued From The Slime Pit


From Vegas to Hollywood, the sin machine never seems to end.  The mind of mankind in New York and Washington seems to be anti-God.  If the Bible states it clearly, modern progressives seem to be against it.  When the Lord said, “Like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah,” He wasn’t kidding.  Our world is ever in turmoil.  It seems that each day brings with it a new disaster, a new tragedy and someone comes up with a new way to sin.  Man’s heart is so depraved.  What once gave it sinful pleasure, now the wicked heart finds dull.  So it indulges into a new more grotesque sin.  All one needs to do is listen or read the headlines and you’ll discover that someone has taken humanity to a new all-time low. 

Thank the Lord that He has given us some things to pull us up out of the slime pit of sin.  His blessed name can pull us out, His blessed book can pull us out, and His anointed God-fearing people can pull us out.  But it’s all because of His finished work on Calvary.  This slime pit of darkness pulls even the best and sweetest of God’s children in.  From time to time, although, bless His name, they do not stay there.  They repent and He lifts them out or they roll around in the slime and enjoy it and He graciously takes them home to Heaven where they’ll do no harm.  But either way, they’ll be taken care of.  God will not have His children act like pagans.  In this mixed up world, my advice to you is to take time every day to take to heart the verse, “Be still and know I am God.” Pray, read, worship, sing.  Just be happy in the Lord and look unto Him.  Even though the darkness grows ever darker, it can in no way, shape or form, put out the mighty light of God.

God Bless,
Pastor Scott

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