Make An Eternal Difference

Only what we do for eternity will last.  Time seems to be moving faster than ever.  Did we not just watch the leaves bloom on the trees?  And now they’re just beginning to start changing colors and even some are falling off the trees.  It seems like all of the kids just started school, yet it has already been 5-6 weeks.  The holidays are just around the corner.  Soon we’ll talk about Thanksgiving Dinner and the Children’s Christmas play.

Let me encourage you, no matter what we do, time moves on.  We spend our lives in monotonous chores that we have to do.  Sleeping, eating, working, mowing grass, washing dishes and going to the grocery store are just part of life.  There’s no spiritual contribution to eternity in these things, but they, like many other things, are absolutely necessary.  We do them whether we like it or not.  Dear Christian, have some avenues in your life that make a difference in Heaven.  Do things during the week that you know are absolutely making a spiritual difference.  God is watching and will honor you because of the effort you make.  If you do not purposely look to do spiritual work, life will get away from you and you will spend your time just doing the necessary with nothing to show for it.  Reprogram your mind to think about eternal work:  winning a soul to Christ, giving an offering to a missionary, studying your Bible, praying for a lost soul. Do something that will make an eternal difference.

God Bless,
Pastor Scott

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