Pastor's Pen - Jesus Was Thinking Of Me

Years ago, my oldest daughter, Bethani, broke my heart.  Not in a bad way but in a good way.  She was telling me about her lesson at church on a Wednesday night.  Her teacher had told the class about the Lord hanging on the cross and that while the Savior was taking His last breath, He was thinking about us.  She said, “Daddy, it just hit me so hard when I realized He was there for me and that with His last breath…”  At this point she paused, lifted up her head and looked out as if focusing on something and then continued, “…He pictured my face and He thought of me and He died for me.”  She said, “Daddy, I just started crying right in the middle of class.  I couldn’t help it.”

I had to hide my eyes at this point so that she wouldn’t see me tearing up.  Isn’t it wonderful when your kids realize the great sacrifice the Lord made for them?  When they come to grips with the fact that the Lord Jesus didn’t have to die for us, nobody forced Him to, but that He did it willingly?  I have preached for years that if you were the only person on earth, the Savior still would have come and still would have given His life for you.  Isn’t that the whole message of John 3:16?  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.  That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  Think about it…“Whosoever” means just that…whosoever.  You are welcome to fill in the blank with your name.  Put your name there and then read the whole verse.  What a difference it makes when we personalize our Savior’s pain and suffering and realize as the Lord hung there on the cross that fateful day, His face bloody and bruised, His eyes swollen from the beatings, His breaths short and labored, His hands and feet ached with the pain from the nails…but His mind was ever on the reason for the sacrifice…me.

God Bless, 

Pastor Scott

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