Pastor - Rev. Scott Miller

Timberhill is blessed with a dedicated, godly pastor who has led our church since 1996. Rev. Scott Miller grew up in Trenton, Ohio. He was saved as a child and surrendered for full-time service as a senior in high school. Shortly after this, he met his wife, Jodi, and they were married in 1989. He is a 1993 graduate of Baptist Bible College, having earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Theology.

Pastor Miller and his wife have two daughters, Bethani and Taylor, and one son, Matthew. Prior to coming to Timberhill Pastor Miller spent three years in full-time ministry in Indiana.


Message from Pastor Scott

If you will take your Bible out right now and turn to Acts 20:35 you will see a verse that sticks out. It sticks out because years ago, people who printed Bibles decided to make the words of the Lord Jesus written in red. I like that and I think you do too. I do have Bibles that are not highlighted as such and they're a little more difficult to use. So if you look, you will see nine words in red surrounded by a sea of black words. What is this nine word phrase? It is a phrase that will change your life around. It is a phrase that goes against the normal modern mentality of our times. It is a phrase that I promise will make you feel good if you practice it. It is a phrase that bears much fruit. It is a phrase that our own Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ showed us time and time again by example. It is a phrase that can change other's souls for eternity. It is a phrase that, if you are miserable, depressed, or even angry, immediately when obeyed, brings a smile to the face and a tear to the eye. It is a phrase with promise - that means you can count on it to happen because it fell from the lips of our Lord. But it is also a phrase that when you fight it, ignore it or disobey it, resentment, embarrassment and anger settle in your heart. Take it from your Pastor, if you're a member of the church here, it's not worth fighting.
Just relax and try it. I see both sides of this coin; those who practice it and those who disdain it. I can honestly say without hesitation, the ones that live out this phrase are some of the happiest people I know. The ones that side step this verse and justify why they don't live it out are not, so to speak..., "happy campers". The Lord wants the best for you. He wouldn't have told you to do this if it was going to hurt you. So begin to live it out and enjoy. Oh, by the way! You're going to have to look it up. It's too good not to be seen in your own Bible!
God bless, Pastor Scott



Children's Pastor - Jason Bell
Jason Bell graduated from Antioch Baptist Seminary with his Associates Degree. He has been with us at TBC since 1999 and became our Children's Pastor in 2003. He and his wife, Verla have two daughters, Kaitlyn and Courtney and one son, Logan.








Secretary - Jodi Miller
Jodi Miller, Pastor Scott's wife, has been our church secretary since 1996. She also spends a lot of her time teaching piano.  Her and Pastor Scott have two daughters, Bethani and Taylor and one son, Matt.

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